Innkeepers Craig & Denise
(managed by Dolly & Sox – the Boston Duo)

After the dream of the “empty nest” had worn off – and the solitude of a two year stay in Maine, Craig and Denise decided that being closer to family was a must. Running a B&B had been a dream from long ago and they decided there was no time like the present. After visiting areas in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina they fell in love with this quaint town of New Bern. Their love for people, cooking and entertaining has made this a perfect fit.

Historical New Bern
Founded in 1710 by Baron Christoph Von Graffenreid of Bern Switzerland, New Bern is the second oldest town in North Carolina and was the state capitol until 1792. The city flag honors our Swiss heritage with it’s image of a bear (Bern is the Swiss word for bear) and our “bearish” pride is quite obvious as you walk through the streets and see countless works of art depicting our namesake.

The late 1700’s brought much wealth throughout the region and with the diversity of people, trades and cultures Bern’s nickname during the late 1700’s was “The Athens of the South”. This cultural diversity is still apparent with our abundant art galleries, theaters, historical tours and our many seasonal festivals.

In 1862 the town was captured by the Union army for the rest of the Civil War and was spared much of the destruction that many other southern cities endured. Because of this, New Bern still has a wealth of
architectural districts, historic homes, churches and many other rehabilitated buildings in the downtown area.
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